Another crisis caused by Birmingham Labour’s inaction

21 Sep 2023
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Last week, Birmingham Labour was trying to blame everyone else for the council’s financial meltdown. Today they have received a second section 114 notice. This notice refers to Councillor Cotton’s inaction on implementing the job evaluation process, or as it is referred to in the section 114 report - a Pay Equality System.

Group Leader Roger Harmer said “This fresh S114 notice is extremely serious and stems from the total failure by the current Labour leadership to take action to stop the bleed from the Equal Pay crisis. After nearly 3 months the notice states there is "no intention to set a date or make a decision as a result."

Cllr Paul Tilsley said: “It’s a further nail in the coffin. The statutory officers are fulfilling their statutory obligations and they should not be blamed. I welcome Max Caller getting involved to sort out this mess.

Deputy Leader Cllr Morriam Jan said “I am proud to represent Perry Barr, but I am ashamed by the inaction of Birmingham Labour, and angry at the way that Birmingham City Council is being run into the ground by them. Me and my fellow councillors hold Labour to account and stand up for residents every day, but the reality is that they hold the balance of power, and whilst they do, we all suffer.”

“The next local election is not until 2026 but I don’t think we can wait that long before we take this back to the people. They deserve better.”