Cllr Roger Harmer reacts to Government intervention at Birmingham City Council

19 Sep 2023

A Government announcement has confirmed that appointed commissioners will take over the financial and governance affairs of Birmingham City Council, and all functions relating to senior appointments.

Responding to this latest development, Group Leader Roger Harmer said “It’s a damning indictment of the current leadership that is has come to this. Poor management over several years had led to this crisis, which will severely impact services for Birmingham residents for years to come.

“Given their repeated failures to get a grip of the situation, government intervention is sadly necessary. We plan to meet with the commissioners urgently and will focus on protecting important council services that the public rely on.

“We welcome the minister’s announcement to launch a local inquiry and, urge the Government to ensure that it is completed as quickly as possible.

“Every day we receive yet more astonishing information about the way that this council has been mismanaged by Birmingham Labour. It’s quite staggering, how many mistakes have been made, and how many opportunities have been ignored.”

“Our city is effectively on life support. Whilst the Equal Pay situation remains unresolved, Birmingham continues to haemorrhage money. We are now two months in and even the methodology for sorting the problem hasn’t been agreed. The work to stop the bleed, hasn’t even begun.

“On behalf of residents, we are angry that it has got to this point. As councillors, we have been lied to time and again about the city’s financial position and now the truth is coming out.

“Unfortunately, there is no situation where the people of Birmingham won’t feel the pain of this crisis caused by multiple failures within the Birmingham Labour administration. Our focus will be on maintaining those essential services and protecting the vulnerable.”