“It’s a self inflicted injury – Cllr Paul Tilsley CBE reacts to Government statement

19 Sep 2023

Responding to the statement made by Rt Hon Michal Gove MP this afternoon, Councillor Paul Tilsley CBE; former deputy leader of the council and former Lord Mayor, commented: 

“It’s a self-inflicted injury, by Labour, which causes pain to the people of Birmingham”

“Max Caller, who is going to lead the intervention is a well-respected, local government professional who has already made some pronouncements as far as Birmingham is concerned. He has questioned the level of service that is being provided currently in the city.

“It’s unacceptable that Council Leader Cllr John Cotton received a letter from Mr Gove last month and has to date not responded.

“Birmingham Labour’s cabinet haven’t come up with proposals because they cannot get agreement from Trade Unions, who have held Birmingham City Council to ransom over the equal pay issue for years.

“Cllr John Cotton I’m afraid, has shown weak leadership, and prior to that, Cllr Ian Ward.

“I welcome a local enquiry because it will help us to get to the bottom of the poor culture, weak governance, trade union relations and the churn of senior officers”.

“At the heart of this, and I quote “the Labour group which has been identified as dysfunctional created a dysfunctional climate amongst members.”

“They have been unable to make the decisions that this city has needed.

“If anybody is under any misapprehension as to how serious this situation is, these special measures will last for 5 years. The situation is severe.

“I have been warning for a long time that the financial situation and the policies that were being pursued were unmanageable and essential led to the situation we are in now.