Lee Dargue is selected to represent Ladywood parliamentary constituency

26 Jan 2024
Lee Dargue

Accepting his nomination from the party to apply to run in the seat of Birmingham Ladywood, for the Liberal Democrats, in the upcoming General Election, prospective candidate Lee Dargue said:

“I’m proud to stand for the Liberal Democrats – as we liberals wish to see opportunity for people of all backgrounds. Liberalism is needed now for Ladywood more than ever, as the chaos of a Conservative government that doesn’t care attacks people’s finances, their wellbeing, and their opportunities.

“But I won’t let Labour off the hook. Complacency has meant that the people of Ladywood aren’t listened to by Labour – and we have a catastrophic Labour-run Council that is about to plunge people’s finances into deeper despair.

“There is hope – but not from the Conservative or Labour parties, just trying to outdo each other in childish attacks. Voting Liberal Democrat would, finally, give the people of Ladywood a real voice – one that I’d be proud to be held to account for.”

Commenting on Lee’s selection, Cllr Roger Harmer, group leader for the Lib Dems in Birmingham City Council said:

“Lee is a strong candidate for Ladywood. His expertise in mental health, social care and education and his commitment to equal opportunity for all make him an ideal match for this constituency.

“As a long-standing Ladywood resident, Lee shares residents’ frustrations about Labour’s complacency. Labour’s near-silent presence in Ladywood is often commented on by residents, and this is mirrored too on the council. Birmingham Labour simply do not listen to Ladywood residents.

“Lee will be visible. He will listen, work hard, and speak up for Ladywood.”