Liberal Democrats announce their parliamentary candidate for Yardley

8 Feb 2024
Roger Harmer out campaigning

Accepting his nomination from the Liberal Democrat party to apply to run in the seat of Birmingham Yardley in the upcoming General Election, prospective candidate Roger Harmer said:

“At the last general election, the people of Yardley were promised a bright future post Brexit and levelling up in Birmingham. Promises that were broken almost immediately. Brexit has brought no benefits, and poverty in our city is so bad that 1 in 2 children now live in poverty in the city. It’s simply not acceptable.”

“We are all being let down nationally by the Conservative Government and let down locally by Birmingham Labour who are about to plunge our city into despair.

“These are difficult times for our city, and people want some hope for the future.

“The people of Yardley deserve a fair deal.

“They want a decent education for their children. Good quality healthcare when they fall ill. Job opportunities that offer a fair salary. A nice home to live in. A clean and green neighbourhood, and safe, crime free streets.

“It’s not much to ask, and yet with each passing year, it seems to be getting harder and harder to get by.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats represents real change. We would: take action to ensure people can get appointments at their GPs within 7 days, or 24 hours, if urgent; invest in building warm well insulated homes and fix our broken relationship with Europe. At a time of international tensions, I call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with renewed work to build a 2 state solution and continued support for Ukraine against Russian imperialist aggression.

Commenting on Roger’s selection, former MP for Yardley John Hemming said:

"I am pleased to support Roger in standing for election in Yardley for the next General Election. 

Roger is a hard-working reliable campaigner.  Yardley is suffering from the failures of national Conservative policies and the mess Birmingham Labour has made of the Council. It’s time for change.

Roger lives in Yardley and has served the people of Yardley for 20 years as a local Councillor, he would make a great choice as Yardley’s next MP”.