Why are Birmingham MP’s not supporting this crucial motion?

6 Feb 2024
Helen Morgan MP

Concerned by rising costs relating to temporary accommodation, special educational needs delivery and social care, MP Helen Morgan has submitted an early day motion calling for adequate funding and resource for councils.

Yet despite the significant pressures facing Birmingham City Council, none of the ten Birmingham MP’s have signed to support it.

Group Leader Roger Harmer said:

“MP Helen Morgan is becoming the face of the people’s fightback for good quality services, delivered by local councils.

“Whilst Birmingham’s problems with Equal Pay and the failure to implement Oracle properly are entirely the product of Birmingham Labour’s financial mismanagement that have led to colossal debts, it’s fair to say that even without these gargantuan problems, this council, like many, would still struggle to provide the services it has always done.

“Birmingham Labour is currently trying to pin their financial woes onto previous administrations: Ridiculous, when you think that they were all hailing a “golden decade in Birmingham” at last year’s budget setting meeting.

“Nonetheless, the problems that this city faces do need adequate finding, and right now this city needs all the help it can get. As it stands, the financial hit of the Birmingham Labour administration is likely to negatively impact not one but two generations.

“Given the severity of the situation in Birmingham, I’d have thought that our city’s MPs would want to do all they can to help. I am disappointed therefore that none of them have yet signed in support.

“I will be writing to all ten MP’s asking them to support MP Helen Morgan’s important motion.”